Alex Stoddard is a young fine art photographer from Jacksonville, Florida but spent his childhood growing up in the deep south. He began taking self-portraits at the age of sixteen in the woods behind his Georgian home, and this stirred in him the need to create and express himself through the craft of photography.

He is only 20 but his talent speaks for himself so he’s already known worldwide. Most of his work is based on self-portraits, which each photo tells a different story.

To view more works, take a look at his portfolio and his Facebook page.

artist find at ArchitectureAtlas

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City Boy: Joel Alexander photographed by Rae Marshall


Lost Underwater Lion City: Rediscovery of China’s ‘Atlantis

Qiandao Lake is a man-made lake located in Chun’an County, China, where archeologists have discovered in 2001 ruins of an underwater city. The city is at a depth of 26-40 meters and was named “Lion City”. There would have been 290,000 people living in this city during more than 1300 years.

(Source: asylum-art)




Do not expect fast results. This is your life. You won’t make a million dollars in a year. You won’t graduate college in a year. You probably won’t live in your dream home with your dream partner in a year.

So stop expecting your dream body to show up sooner than that.


You will have bad weeks…it’s what you do afterwards that matters. Move forward and understand this is a journey. 


This would be such a cool outfit for EDC.